Code Newbie

Don’t you know how to code or are you a beginner? Have you no idea where to start? Here you go.

Codecademy is a great resource for novices. There you can find nice courses, from ground up. You can code in the browser! There are many exercises, with automatic validation and hints. Subjects are web oriented ( ruby, javascript, HTML, CSS, ... ).

Khan Academy has a section about programming in which you can interactively learn “how to program drawings, animations, and games using JavaScript & ProcessingJS, or learn how to create webpages with HTML & CSS.” If you can’t decide which course to pick you can do the hours of code and make yourself an idea.

Codeavengers offers you interactive learning about building websites, apps and games with HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Python.

Codeschool is quite like codecademy, but with video lessons. They have 10 free courses and 50+ through a monthly subscription.

Udacity has a lot of courses material, all for free. The courses are made by “Silicon Valley tech giants”.

On Codecombat you learn programming playing a game!

Google has a course on Python and one on C++.

You can “Learn code the hard way” ( Ruby, Python, C ) on

MIT offers free online courses, of which you can download the material. Here there are four that could interest you:

At there are courses and resources for beginners. If code scares you too much you could try with visual programming. There are some courses made for kids, but if you're an adult you could try them anyway. Some are even translated in many languages.