Devember Basics

How to share the code?

Version control systems! (VCS) What are they? A VCS is a software that keeps track of the intermediate versions you generate modifying something. Basically it lets you undo the modifications. Quite like Word, but the history is saved on file. In this way you can go back when you want and send the data and its history where you want. Your code and its history together are called repository, or repo if you want to spare some characters. A repo can be easily put online, so that anyone can read it.

Git is a cool VCS and it happens to have two free online interactive courses about it at Codecademy and Codeschool.

If you prefer to learn in a more traditional way, here you have a free online book on git.

GitHub and Bitbucket have a lot of resources to learn git, check them out.

You can host a repo here:

If you do not want to have a repo you can upload the code to

Repos are better because you can upload in a simpler and faster way, they are not time limited, the encourage sharing.


What is a devlog?

A devlog is the captain’s log of the developer. There you can write about your progress, the problems you have encountered, the solutions you have looked for or the strokes of genius you had.

Where to devlog?

If you have a blog you can post it there and tag the posts with “devlog” and “#Devember”. You can create a blog for free in a lot of places. Fashionable ones are